C & C++ Programming

C , C++ is one of the most popular general-purpose programming language. C language has been designed and developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Laboratories, USA, in 1972. C runs under a number of operating systems including MS-DOS. The C programs are efficient, fast and highly portable. C language is easy for writing, testing, debugging and maintenance. Structured languages are easier and most of the developers prefer this language. C is also called a system programming language because it is greatly helpful for writing operating systems, interpreters, editors, compilers, database programs and network drivers.

This course introduces C++ as an object-oriented programming language. The aim is for you to gain a better understanding of OO design and program implementation by using OO language features. The course extends the study of programming techniques developed in pre-requisite course, including use of object-oriented programming, debugging, testing, coding standards and practices, memory management, optimization and software design principles. The course may serve as a foundation for further studies in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

  • More than one assignment may be performed in a single statement and there is a small, fixed number of keywords.

  • C programs are portable i.e. they can be run on any compiler with little or no modification which is possible by compiler and pre-processor.

  • C language is more user friendly as compared to other languages; it has all useful features of previous languages thus C become more effective language.

  • C language is low level programming readily available.

  • C programming provides wide variety of data types, functions and useful loop control statements.

  • C language has only 32 keywords; several standard functions are available which can be used for developing program

  • Benefits of Learning C C++ program

  • C is highly portable and is used for scripting system applications which form major part of operating system.

  • C can efficiently work on enterprise applications, games, graphics and applications requiring calculations.

  • C language has a rich library which provides a number of built-in functions.

  • C provides a solid foundation for students who want to learn advanced programming skills such as object-oriented programming and emerging computing paradigms such as cloud computing.

  • C is a standardized programming language and its evolution is overseen by a technical standard committee made up of business or academic representatives.


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